We love keeping people Healthy

Welcome to Integrated, an Illinois based specialty health solutions provider committed to bringing you the best quality of care in the industry.

Our Mission

In our 25 + years of existence we have never veered away from our key commitment of offering uncompromised patient care and top level clinical support services. This is what has made us different from all the rest. This is what we believe is right. And this is what we will always continue to do.

Our Vision

Combined with this key commitment, Integrated provides specialty health solutions in the areas of Disease Management, Contact Services, Specialty Respiratory and Sleep Solutions.  We vision all our patients being healthy at home by using our professional services.

We hand-craft Health
Solutions with Solid Strategies
& Powerful Technologies.

Carelogics Disease Management

Carelogics Disease Management platform and portal track key data and metrics of all chronic and clinical respiratory patients.

Specialty Respiratory

In our Specialty Respiratory division we offer specialty respiratory equipment for patients with severe pulmonary diseases.

Connect Health

In our Connect Services division we offer patient contact services, health coaching, medical triage, and care management solutions.

Sleep Solutions

In our Sleep Division, we offer CPAP, BiPAP, Auto-PAP, VPAP, and care plans focused on continued therapy compliance.

Our CEO Stephen Masters

Stephen has been in the medical field for over 25 years.

Stephen Masters

President & CEO

President and CEO, operations executive, and strategic planner of full service health solutions company. Integrated is full service health solutions company focused in disease management, contact patient/triage services, sleep solutions and sleep management, and specialty and advanced clinical programs for patients with ALS, CF, CRF, and all types of chronic respiratory diseases. Present key focus is growing and establishing clinical programs on managing and overseeing patients with chronic diseases and keeping them healthy at home. These advanced clinical programs improve quality of life for patients and financial outcomes for payers and hospitals. Capturing significant outcomes data and tracking key metrics to determine readmissions, compliance, health status, and well being. Integrated is expanding these programs into all major chronic disease categories. These programs oversee risk stratification, designation of patient base, and full management of patient assessment, ongoing care, education, compliance/adherence, and clinical/financial outcomes.