Speech Communication Solutions


Integrated speech solutions, a 25 year old specialty health solutions provider, has recently partnered with RM speech, a SGD manufacturer located in Columbia, TN, to support individuals and their families with complex communication needs. Integrated speech solutions is proud to be the service provider and distributor for RM speech. Together, Our mission is to provide accessible, high-tech, communication options for persons with a variety of speech, cognitive, motor and global disorders and delays.


Maggie Kilbane, M.S., CCC-SLP

Maggie Kilbane is speech-language pathologist who specializes in pediatrics with AAC needs in clinical and home-health settings. Maggie received her Masters of Science from Midwestern University in 2019. She went on to provide 5 years of speech services in the Early Intervention and clinic-based programs. Maggie currently resides in Chicago, IL and is extremely passionate about improving accessibility of communication for all individuals.


  • Nuevo 
  • Inspire  
  • Inspire XL 

Steps to retrieving a SGD

  1. Make a referral to your SLP representative
  2. Receive loaner device from Integrated/RM Speech
  3. Conduct evaluation with support
  4. Customer service  and our support teams will review and submit documentation to the insurance
  5. When approved, delivery and initial set-up will be coordinated with the client, clinician, and AAC Consultant